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By Gloria Emeagwali, George J. Sefa Dei

This article explores the multidisciplinary context of African Indigenous wisdom platforms from students and pupil activists dedicated to the interrogation, creation, articulation, dissemination and normal improvement of endogenous and indigenous modes of highbrow job and praxis. The paintings reinforces the call for for the decolonization of the academy and makes the case for a paradigmatic shift in content material, material and curriculum in associations in Africa and in other places - so that it will hard and rejecting disinformation and highbrow servitude. Indigenous highbrow discourses concerning varied disciplines take middle degree during this quantity with a spotlight on schooling, arithmetic, drugs, chemistry and engineering of their old and modern context.

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This mixture is used to dye dried leather to the desired taste. It should be noted that the waste products that are produced during this whole process was and is still considered a very rich garden manure. CONCLUSION The traditional methods of tanning and dyeing in northeastern Nigeria anticipate and reflect to a large extent the fundamental basis of contemporary tanning and dyeing. These principles were neither linked to spirits nor magic but trial and error experimentation as well as accidental discovery.

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