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By Jens T. Carstensen

Supplying present info on crystallization, dissolution from debris and polydisperse populations, powder volumes and densities, comminution, rainy granulation, and hard-shell tablets, complex Pharmaceutical Solids, describes moisture isotherms with crystalline solids, records the results of moisture on solid-state balance, highlights capsule physics and ideas, explains sustained unencumber by way of microencapsulation, offers prediction equations for solubility in binary solvents, discusses particle sizes and diameters, identifies Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller Isotherms and extra! contemplating homes of solids, permeamitry and gasoline absorption equipment, amorphates, and purification via pH-change precipitation, complicated Pharmaceutical Solids is a vital reference for pharmacists pharmaceutical scientists medicinal, actual, floor, colloid, and analytical chemists and biochemists and an efficient textual content for upper-level undergraduate and graduate scholars in those disciplines.

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Int J Pharm 154:245. i A, Acree WE (1998). Int J P h a m l67:177. k (1996). J P h a m Sci 87:193. Joz~iakowskiMJ, Nguyen NT, Sisco JJ, ~ p a ~ k c aCW (1972). J P h a m Sci 61:281. M, ~uyot-Hermann A-M, Guyot J-C (1998). Int J P h a m 17051. Galan YCR (1987). Cienc Ind Farm 6:325. ir H (1998). Int J P h a m 163:115. Loftsson T, Brewster ME (1996). J Pharm Sci 85: 1017. Lordi N, Sciarrone , Ambrosio T, Parta AN (1964). J Pharrn Sci 53:463. 6, A, Terol A, Masse J (1987). ~hermochimActa 121:283. alaviolle I, ~ e M a u r y Chauvet arshall AL (1931).

Because it is never reallycertain that any drug substance produced is a c ~ ~ a lthe l y stable polymorph, the term e ~ u i l i b r i usolubility ~ is clouded to some degree withuncertainty. Inthis chapter to follow it is going to be assumed that solubility is exactly what the foregoing italicized de~nitionpurports it to be. For the purposes of this book, there are four types of equilibri~msituations ill, 1933) that may be considered: e solid phase is a pure compound, and there is one liquid phase.

If they are no off plot will not be linear. An example of this is shown in Fig. 3 rant et al. ’9They interpret that “ a maybeconsidered to be the ~ y ~ ~ t ~value e t of ~ c AH; a ~ at the absolute zero of tem~eratureand b is the change in the apparent partial molar heat capacity of t,he solute at constant pressure, AC;2, whichisitselfassumed to be independent of temperature. ” If the curvature in Fig. 3. 16) ~ombiningthis with Eq. 65 Source: Data from ~ i l o s o ~ i c 1964. 380 - 2 . 3 plotted according to Eq.

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