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By Professor Kazuyuki Hirao, Dr. Tsuneo Mitsuyu, Dr. Jinhai Si, Dr. Jianrong Qiu (auth.), Professor Kazuyuki Hirao, Dr. Tsuneo Mitsuyu, Dr. Jinhai Si, Dr. Jianrong Qiu (eds.)

This booklet specializes in chosen subject matters that are new and of primary significance within the software of energetic glasses in photonic units. lots of the chapters take care of glasses less than the motion of upper electromagnetic fields, similar to these produced by means of femtosecond lasers. They hide the construction and research of prompted buildings in glasses and a few sensible units utilizing lively glasses. This ebook is designed for either graduate scholars and researchers within the field.

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It is noteworthy that the contributions of the Drude and interband parts are comparable at the peak of the surface-plasmon band. 12) with three running parameters - 8 e, "feff, and "fee. Best-fit curves at each delay time are depicted in Fig. 8 as dotted curves. These curves excellently reproduce the bleaching around the absorption peak of the surface plasmon and the absorption increase on both sides of the absorption peak. lOa-c shows the temporal changes in the fitting parameters. The inset in Fig.

17). The total energy flow in the metallic nanoparticle system can be understood quantitatively, indicating that the lattice temperature still plays an important role in the first stage of the nonequilibrium state. 5 The Origin of the Damping Constant in the Drude Term There are still open questions on the damping mechanism of free electrons in the metallic nanoparticle system. In this section, to investigate the electron dynamics in the nonequilibrium state, the temporal change of the damping constant is discussed, since it reflects the electron dynamics such as the e--e and e-p scattering processes.

They suggested that the nonlinear response originates from the broadening of the surface-plasmon band, which reflects the increase of the effective damping constant through the rise of the electron temperature. This suggestion is quite different from the discussion by Hache and co-workers, where the smearing effect of the Fermi-Dirac distribution plays an important role in the nonlinear response [47]. 2 White-Light Pump-Probe Method and Transient Absorption Spectra Gold nanoparticles embedded in an Si0 2 glass matrix were prepared by a sputtering method.

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