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By Jason S. Lee

Abstraction is one part of highbrow functioning. The research of abstraction permits tremendous invaluable insights into human intelligence. whereas this monograph exhibits that the power to imagine abstractly declines a little with age, there are various variables picking summary pondering and its relation to intelligence over the life-span. This monograph defines abstraction from all angles of proposal, contrasting it with high-order considering and stereotyped pondering; it discusses and evaluates checks of summary pondering; and it offers new findings in sociological and mental study on abstraction.

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Although this issue is often framed such that intellectual competence is split asunder with general thinking skills pared off against specific content knowledge, these are analytic concepts rather than separate empirical entities. Perkins and Salomon's "synthesis position" -the reasonable, research-based conclusion that transfer does occur with much practice in a wide variety of situations-was adopted, as was their useful metaphor that cognitive skills function "as general gripping devices that need pieces of knowledge to grip and wield and that need to configure" information.

1. Introduction With abstraction defined and conceptually clarified, we may now proceed to think about the development of this mode of thought over the life course. The first thing to establish is that abstraction is an integral part of intellectual growth in the first two decades of life. Whereas quite a lot of theory and empirical work concerns cognitive development in youth, much less research attention is focused on the much longer period of adulthood. Thus, certain that abstraction improves with age early in life, we shall concentrate on issues surrounding its development throughout the adult years.

8 Carefully defining stereotype thinking in a manner that respects all three perspectives discussed above is a necessary part of refining the definition of abstraction . Although both modes of thought derive from categorizing and grouping objects on the basis of similarities, in the case of abstraction relevant differences are recognized, whereas in the case of stereotyping they are disregarded. 2 portrays the conceptual relationship of abstraction to its two opposites: concrete thinking and stereotype thinking.

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