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Grundys prevent you from driving it at the speed for which it was designed? There is a stretch of Interstate 10 between Ozona and Sonora where you can easily work up to a hundred and sixty. The signs whirl past. . Sutton County, Devil's River, Crockett County. . There is a swishing sound like the sea as the car surges beneath the underpasses. . The impressions of the long drives fuse together in a bright melting dream. Red tips of the ocotillo . . soft emerald of the pecan orchards . . burnt orange and brown tassels of the corn .

There they will gorge all night on the river insects before returning in the dim light of dawn, like a million little Draculas. Mysterious creatures. When the cold creeps on they will describe a last broad brush-stroke on the sunset and wing their way to Yucatán, Chiapas, Guatemala, or Honduras. How long have those rich and fetid swarms occupied their cavern? Since before mankind trod upon the soil of the Americas, reckoning from the thickness of their droppings. How long will they remain? Perhaps until mankind has moved on or passed away.

IVAN GONCHAROV, Oblomov Through my acquaintance with many Americans, and my trips to and in America, I have obtained an enormous amount of insight into the European character; it has always seemed to me that there can be nothing more useful for a European than some time or another to look out at Europe from the top of a skyscraper. C. G. JUNG, Memories, Dreams, Reflections Page viiiPage ix Page 1 One When I was last in England, my dear Rex, you and my other friends kept expressing your astonishment that I should have removed myself so far and so drastically from Europe.

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