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The causation is expressed by the prefixation of the causative marking a-. In addition, the initial consonant of the base is geminated as an indication of the assimilation of the 41 Chapter 3 middle marking tä-. In assistive causatives the initial consonant of the root obligatorily followed by –a-. Semantically the caused events are fully instigated by the corresponding causees ïne-n ‘me’. The causers are only facilitators of the caused events. In examples such as (38) the causer may provide the causee with relevant information and material.

1. Introduction This chapter focuses on the causative of Shakkinoono; Kafinoonoo is added for comparative purpose. ” In most cases, I agree with what Leslau observes. Yet, my analysis of Shakkinoono causative verb derivations slightly differs from his. First, I observed that the suffix –ss- is realized into two forms: –issi- and –ssi-. Second, there is no suffix–ğğ-[jj] as such; rather –ğğ-[jj] is the result of quality change of verb root final consonants. Finally, the change of a stressed syllable into a tone syllable is not attested.

In this causative structure word order is important, patient precedes causee. Semantically, impersonal causatives are frequent with verbs of desire but not restricted to them, Intransitive causatives are de-ideophonic verbalizers. In Oromo, there is no intensitive-causative. In this language the number of –s’s does not always match with the number of agentive subjects. But the number of causative derivations reflects the number of semantically present causers. ’ 25 Chapter 3 3. The Causative in Amharic This chapter deals with the causative in Amharic11.

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