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." many of the Russians have been frightened to profit"

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Radishchev recalled, "We were kept under guard, like state criminals or desperate murderers. Not only were our swords taken away from us, but also rapiers, knives, scissors, penknives, and when they brought us food, it was cut up into pieces, for there were no knives or forks. " In spite of all precautions to prevent communication between the students and Belosel'skii, the students found a way to write a collective letter, and lowered it out the window by a thread until a "favorable wind" took it to a lower window.

5 But this was not to be the end of the unrest. A new incident occurred when some of the students - Chelishchev, Nesvitskii, Trubetskoi and perhaps others - began to attend Prof. Schmidt's course in moral philosophy, which was given in French, and to stop attending Prof. Boehme's lectures, which were given in German, a language they claimed they could not yet understand. Bokum put Trubetskoi under 1 Kallash, I, 101-4. 2 3 4 5 Startsev, op. , u6-8. Rescript of Catherine, May 19/30, 1767, to N.

212. Original in German. Cited in Startsev, op. , 45-6. LEIPZIG UNIVERSITY II 37 between people, should be regulated by considerations of just morality and the public good. In words which later found an echo in Radishchev's denunciation of predatory wars, Mably called for the establishment of international morality through international law, and a repudiation of wars of conquest. If conquests by their nature establish for the conqueror a legal right of possession then it becomes a matter of indifference who provoked the war, and whether or not the motives were just or unjust.

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