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By Robert H. Thurston

This selection of literature makes an attempt to assemble a number of the vintage, undying works that experience stood the try out of time and supply them at a discounted, cheap expense, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can take pleasure in them.

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Soon raises the piston, B, to the top, where a latch, E, engaging a notch in the piston rod, W; holds it up until it is desired that it shall 1 " Acta Eruditorum," Leipsic, 1690. drop. The fire being removed, the steam condenses, and a vacuum is formed below the piston, and the latch, E, being disengaged, the piston is driven down by the super incumbent atmosphere and raises the weight which has been, meantime, attached to a rope, L, passing from the piston rod over pulleys, T T. The machine had a cylinder two and a half inches in diameter, and raised 60 pounds once a minute; and Papin calculated that a machine of a little more than two feet diameter of cylinder and of four feet stroke would raise 8,000 pounds four feet per minute-i.

Disappointed in this, he finally adopted the expedient of employing steam to displace the air, and to produce, by its condensation, the perfect vacuum which he sought; and he thus produced the first mechanical steam engine and the first piston steam engine, in which condensation was produced to secure a vacuum. It w as described in the " Acta " of Leipsic in June, 1690, under the title, " Nova Methodus ad vires motrices validissimas leri pretio comparandeo " (" A New Method of securing cheaply Motive Power of considerable Magnitude ").

Savery's Model, 1698. main, or " forcing pipe," G. From the top of each receiver was led a pipe, which was turned downward, and these pipes united to form a suction pipe, which was led down to the bottom of the well or reservoir from which the water was to be drawn. The maximum lift allowable was stated at 24 feet. The engine was worked as follows: Steam is raised in the boiler, B, and a cock, C, being opened, a receiver, B, is filled with steam. html (28 of 47)10/26/2006 12:30:20 Chapter 1 created, and the pressure of the atmosphere forces the water up, through the supply pipe, from the well into the receiver.

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