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By Talat Tekin

A part of a chain that gives frequently linguistic and anthropological learn and teaching/learning fabric on a quarter of serious cultural and strategic curiosity and significance within the post-Soviet period.

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140 Wallace, Greek Grammar, 214. 141 Though Wallace asserts, “I use linguistics,” it is not at all evident that his methodol­ ogy is driven by modern linguistic theory, Wallace, Greek Grammar, xviii. historical overview 37 fact be used in the following grammar as the defining characteristic of the article’s function. While his grammar reflects advances in the grammar of the article, Wallace’s treatment suffers from several weaknesses, many of which stem from a single systemic source: they are based on English language categories.

Prolegomena (1906). H. F. Howard, A Grammar of New Testament Greek. II. ”75 Regarding the classification of the article, Moulton’s position echoes that of Winer. ”79 However, they do not elaborate upon which pronoun(s) to which it was historically related. ”80 In this we observe the continued general approach of explaining the article’s function by means of general analogy with the English definite article. The authors clearly believe that the two are analogous. 74 Moulton, Prolegomena, 80–81. 75 Moulton, Prolegomena, 81.

Their citation of Robertson’s Short Grammar is instructive and insightful. By assigning greater credence to the relationship between the article and the relative pronoun, they separate themselves from their predecessors. ”98 Specifically, they cite Robertson’s statement that, when the article is present, “the object 95 Dana & Mantey, Manual Grammar, 135. 96 Dana & Mantey, Manual Grammar, 136. Citing Robertston, Grammar, 754. 97 Dana & Mantey, Manual Grammar, 136. Citing Robertson, Short Grammar, 68.

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