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The proposition ‘LI researchers hold the naïve belief . ’ is construed as having alignment 38 Corpus Approaches to Evaluation of word and world for Rajagopalan, while the writer’s own assessment of its status is indeterminate. ) However, the writer also evaluates the mental action of ‘holding the naïve belief’ as undesirable though the choice of accuse . . of. In addition, the proposition ‘power relationships can be eradicated altogether’ is evaluated as ‘possibly true’ by the word belief but as ‘unlikely to be true’ by the word naïve.

Following Teubert’s (2005: 3) stipulation that ‘[t]here is no direct link between the discourse and the “real world”’, the analyst’s task is to identify the nature of that judgement, not to agree or disagree with it. 1, the proposition ‘the position and momentum of the electron are defi ned all along’ is evaluated by the writer of the text as an ‘interpretation’. This evaluation by the writer makes an assertion about the relationship between the proposition and the physical world. For the analyst, however, identifying the status as an ‘interpretation’ makes an observation about the text itself, not about the behaviour of electrons.

May, might, could. g. According to Smith . . There is a general consensus that . . As is well known . . In many texts whose declared purpose is to give information, the evaluation of status is relatively straightforward. Most propositions are unmodified and express ‘what is’; others are modified by adverbs, modal verbs or clauses governing that-clauses. 4). 3As of 23 February 2006, 170 people have also caught the infection, as a result of close and direct contact with infected birds. 4Ninety-two of these have subsequently died.

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